About Us

Our artwork flows from canvas to candle, creating unique and bespoke products to suit an extensive range of tastes.

Whilst on maternity leave in 2020, I missed having structure and creativity in my day to day life – out with singing, dancing and providing an ‘OPEN ALL DAY’ funhouse for my daughter Alice – Hand-pouring candles provided me with this creative release.

Conscious efforts to reuse and recycle inspired me to create unique packaging. Following on from hand-printing all of my fabric-wraps, this led me to pick up a paintbrush and open the door to other creative opportunities.

Inspired by nature, our hand rendered approach towards surface pattern has become a signature style throughout Davidson DECOR products.

Distressed and structured visuals are built using layers of texture and mark making. From prime to palette, the collections of artwork correlate, with nature being the dominant muse.

Thank-you for supporting our family run business!

Company Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of every single candle we make.


This can be seen throughout my candle-making journey. I only use soy wax due to its natural form, it's biodegradable particles, and important for candles, it creates a long lasting clean burn. Soy wax contains no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens, this wax also tends to last longer than regular paraffin wax.

Reuse and Recycle

Each candle is wrapped in a hand printed, repurposed fabric which can be used again as gift wrap, cloth or a keepsake. Along with my unique packaging, my candle containers also create an opportunity to recycle. Once you have finished your candle, why not re-use this empty jar as a potting plant or add some lights for a glowing night-time feature?

Nothing brings to life again, a forgotten memory like fragrance.